RMO Officers

Board of Herders: The RMO organization is run by a Board of Herders comprised of nine members. In addition, there are three officers: Inkslinger (Secretary-Treasurer), Foreman (Vice President), and Boss (President). The Herders serve a two-year term.

The Boss: Is supreme in his wisdom and power. He decides where his shoot is to be held, how to spend the money allocated and all the details of the yearly Roundup. The Boss is not hampered by committee decisions as his word is law for his shoot. This policy has served the RMOs well and will continue as such. The Boss can ask for help from any member of the Oysters. Traditionally the ex-bosses are exempt from being drafted but will generally step in to help if needed.

Bossette: Although not an “official” officer, the Bride-of-the-Boss is certainly important in the overall scheme of things. Simply put, she assists the Boss. Some say she actually runs the show!

Ex-Bosses: Do not have a vote at Herders meetings, but do wield influence due to their experience and “aged” wisdom.

Foreman: Has no official duties other than to plan his shoot for the following year. Details of his shoot are kept a surprise and are only revealed during the final day of Roundup. The Foreman becomes “Boss” the following year.

Inkslinger: Keeps the books and prepares monthly newsletters for distribution to all RMOs. The Inkslinger becomes “Foreman” the following year.